Need For Speed Carbon Trainer

Need For Speed MostWanted 1.3 - Games Trainer +19
 F1 Toggle Infinite N2O
 F2 Toggle Infinite Speedbreaker Time
 F3 Toggle Get Massive Money
 F4 Toggle Get Massive Bounty (Career)
 F5 Toggle Get Massive Bounty (Pursuit)
 F6 Toggle No Car Heat
 F7 Toggle Be the Most Wanted
 F8 Toggle Never get Busted
 F9 Toggle Instant Cooldown
 F10 Toggle Freeze Pursuit Time
 F11 Toggle Set Pursuit Time to 45 Minutes
 V Toggle Super fast acceleration
 NUMPAD1 Toggle No Police Backup
 NUMPAD2 Toggle No Blown Engines
 NUMPAD3 Toggle Milestone Completer
 NUMPAD4 Toggle 100 Police Vehicles Damaged
 NUMPAD5 Toggle 100 Police Vehicles Immobilized
 NUMPAD6 Toggle 100 Spike Strips dodged
 NUMPAD7 Toggle 100 Roadblocks dodged