League of Legends Hack

About League of Legends Hacks 2011

Have you faced someone you can’t seem to take down, no matter what you do your opponent’s HP and MP never drains? Well he probably be using one of this, a League of Legends Hacks 2011 that increases a character’s HP and MP regeneration up to 900% or higher, can you imagine how fast a character heals with that kind of regen speed, what if I tell you that you can heal from 1000 HP per second, it’s sick right?

Luckily you landed on the right website, you can download the League of Legends Hacks 2011 (lol hacks 2011) for HP and MP Regen, all you have to do is download the League of Legends Hacks 2011 and you will be on a killing spree, it’s time to pawn those suckers. One more thing is that this lol hacks 2011 is undetectable and most players specially your opponents won’t notice you’re using a hack.

League of Legends Hacks for HP and MP Regen will be available for download to the first 900 downloaders, and will be taken down once the number of downloads is reached, so hurry up get your copy now and start pawning, make fun of your friends, your opponents and most of all enjoy the total carnage. Happy Pawning.
How to Use League of Legends Hacks – HP and MP Ultimate Regen Hacks

 1. Download League of Legends  hack
 2. Join Game
 3. Go to Desktop
 4. Run Lol Hacks
 5. Set Amount of HP and MP to regen per second
 6. Click Activate and go back to game
 7. Start Pawning and Enjoy ^_^

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