Dekaron Hack

Our hacks are the best in the world, coded personally by r4ge. This hack works with the new Rakion Game. This hack has all the features you could ever want. You can configure every aspect of the hack to work for all out raging on a server. You can also configure it to look like your playing legit so nobody has any idea your cheating, except you!

1.Hack Speed/Zoomx1
2.Hack Speed/Zoomx2
3.Hack Speed/Zoomx3
4.Skill Hack (สกิลไม่มีดีเลย์)
5.Auto potion HP/MP
6. Teleport Hack Lv.1
7. Teleport Hack Lv.2
8.Vac - 50
9.Vac - 80
10.Vac -100
11.Vac - 60
That's it, have fun hacking.