Requiem Online [MultiHacks]

1. Description
darkREQ - Attack and Char Speed hack for Requiem-Online. It will help you to run more quickly or slowly if you wish so.

2. System Requirements
This program runs under:
- Windows NT 4.0 SP4 or later
- Windows 2000
- Windows XP
- Windows Server 2003
- Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64 (not tested yet)
- Windows 7 (checked)

3. How to Use
Just run it after you login. Set values (if you want to change default, but they are optimal) and press appropriate button for activating char/attack speed Improvement. Ease of handling and there is no necessity to unequip belts or do something else.

Hot keys:
ctrl+alt+ numpad1, numpad2, numpad3 – speed changing

Activation "all-round skills" etc:
Go to "program options" tab, check proper checkboxes

Activation "Mega-jump":
Activate it after the client start, but before you choose char and start playing. Disabling would take effect only after re-choosing char or after client restarting

Removing distance limitation between camera and player:
Automatically applied after choosing “All-round skills”

Experimental patching:
Some nasty block of code was corrected, preventing sending some private information to a server.

Fast decompose:
Automatically applied after choosing “All-round skills”

  • + shooting without bullets
    + shooting thru walls
    + attack in any directions

The explanation of using attack speed hack
Attack speed improvement will work only if char have skills/armours/weapons with ability to decrease attack speed and sum total of decreasing is below 1. Otherwise, there is no effect.
Exempli gratia, you use two-handed sword with native speed 2 or above, and as I think, there're no ways to achieve speed below 1, so, attack hack doesn’t work in such case. Second variant: weapon with the lowest attack speed + buff + etc… and cumulative attack speed decreasing is below 1, - you will get the char with extra attacks