Mission Against Terror [MultiHacks]

DOMINATE THE GAME! Mission Against Terror is a powerful tool designed for the online game called “Mission Against Terror”. This fantastic Mission Against Terror tool is packed with many features such as speedhack,aimbot, wallhack,teleport, flying hack,autoshoot and much more.

  1. Start the launcher via the shortcut in the start menu.
  2. If you are running Windows XP or Vista/W7 with UAC disabled, start the game and the injection will be performed automatically. Otherwise, MAT Automaton will ask you for the location of of your MAT executable (MAT.exe) (e.g. \Program Files\MAT\System\MAT.exe)
  • Press END to access the menu.
  • Press INSERT to access the console.
  • Press NUMPAD 0 to toggle auto aim.
  • Press NUMPAD 1 to toggle indicator wallhack.
  • Press NUMPAD 2 to toggle wireframe wallhack.
  • Press NUMPAD 3 to toggle auto firing.