Dragon Age 2 [MultiHacks]


The ability to access and edit your saved games in Dragon Age 2 on PC, and basically reshape the world as you see fit.
It makes you like Neo in The Matrix, except you use a text editor and you (probably) won’t get shot at.
First, download the file.Then you can follow these steps to edit your saved game and amp your stats, add money, or do a few other cool things:
  1. Go grab the file and open it.
  2. From within the saved game editor, find and load the .das file of your game. It’ll be fairly small, around 200KB. Find it here: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\Characters\[character name]\saves\[latest autosave directory]
  3. The editor should show you a screen and you can adjust the numerical values to amp up your various stats.
Use Save As on your game file. You’ll want to save your original in case something get screwed up.
Enjoy hacking on Dragon Age 2!