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If you are a Crysis fan, you should get ready for the launch of Crysis 2, which should be available a lot faster than you could imagine. This game is predicted to come with a beta as well as demo edition for windows, but there is no official report declaring the time for the release of this demo.The story plot of this game occurs throughout New York City, in the region of the year 2023; of course the main character is Alcatraz. This new game is promising to offering extraordinarily spectacular real life images and interactive components; even though it has been declared that the system specifications will be somewhat lower than that of the initial game.For many years now, EA Games and Crytek were tirelessly working on this sequel and they talked about offering a few trailers along with a Crysis 2 Walkthrough just for this game. All of this is supposed to be launched at some point during 2011. This second game has a rating of M for Mature, which means that it is certainly not a game for children. Nevertheless if you're into action games with authentic 3D like images as well as an exceptional story setting you'll definitely need to include this game on your shopping list to ensure that it is added to your 2011 collection.My goal is try out this demo edition personally shortly, because this game seems to be very fascinating. If you're planning to run it on your computer you'll likely want to look into the system specifications to ensure that your PC will enable you to enjoy your gaming experience.As a final point in this review, based on the things that I was able to see, this game will definitely get a rating of 10/10 from all users. The images, action and storyline seem pretty remarkable, so one can say that Crytek did a fantastic job of creating this beautifully designed follow-up which is considered much better than the original one.